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Green Lotus Tattoo has been a Melbourne institution for more than 15 years.

Green Lotus Tattoo continues to evolve and inspire through hosting some of the most sought after local and international tattooists to work from the studio.

The artists behind Green Lotus Tattoo

Senior artist / Owner
Tuco Los
Resident Artist / Second Generation Tattooer
resident artist
Dan Castle
Resident Artist
Visiting artists

Green Lotus Tattoo have a rich tradition of hosting guest artists regularly. Below are some of the artists who have worked within the studio since 2007.

  • Shane Coley, N.Z @ shanetattooer
  • Daniel flowers, Ireland @ danielflower
  • Saskia Viney, UK @ saskiavineytattoo
  • Sam Rulz
  • Capilli Tupou
  • Mark Sender
  • Jella Newlands
  • Jake Ellu
  • Davo Voodoo
  • Hal Cheshire
  • Nicolee Drager
  • Wade Jhonston
  • Kane Berry
  • Godfrey Atlantis
  • Biee Say Tang
  • Horimous
  • Mi Mi
  • Anthony Van Rat corpse
  • Wade Hex
  • Zack Heart
  • Mitch Steifler
  • Jack Unseen
  • Tammy
  • Jay Goodman
  • Richie Blackheart
  • Jesse Peitrie

Artists interested in guesting with us please email info@greenlotustattoo.com.au