Senior artist / Owner

Tashi Edwards is a senior tattooist and owner of the Green Lotus Tattoo Studio. She studied Visual Arts at the ANU Canberra and has lived and worked in both Europe and the USA.

Tashi began tattooing in street shops in 2001 and opened the Lotus in 2007. Today her work focuses on an oriental theme. She continues to contribute her work to both community arts projects and private and charity art shows.

In early 2014 Tashi became actively involved in working with the Australian Tattooists Guild. This not for profit organisation continues to represent the Professional Tattooing community at a Government Level. Their main focus is to see responsible regulation for the tattoo industry. Tashi is currently Vice President of the ATG.

Due to time constraints, Tashi is currently only taking on selective tattoo pieces. If you are interested in being tattooed by Tashi, please contact the studio for further information.

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