The Green Lotus Flash Day Fundraiser for Julian Assange

19th August 2023 from 10am to late. Green Lotus Tattoo in Conjunction with the Assange Campaign Australia present the GLT Flash Day Fundraiser for Julian Assange.

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August 18, 2023
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Green Lotus Tattoo in Conjunction with the Assange Campaign Australia present the GLT Flash Day Fundraiser for Julian Assange!

19th August 2023 - 10am until late

The flash day will take place at the Green Lotus Tattoo Studio located at 300 Sydney Road Brunswick. There will be speakers, live music and door prizes!

Check out the program below for the list of events and tattooists who are working the day!

An online auction which is being hosted by the Assange Campaign for this event will showcase donated prints from many of Australia's premier tattoo artists, this is an opportunity to support this important cause and pick up an amazing work of art!

All proceeds from these events will go to the Assange Campaign Australia for a crucial trip to Washington D.C. for face-to-face meeting with the US decision-makers involved in Julian's case.

We look forward to seeing you there!


10am - Doors open for tattooing, laser and piercing.
4pm - Speakers (Mr. John Shipton, Mr Gabriel Shipton and Mr David McBride)
6pm - Musicians Romy and Elizabeth, Cuban Street Music.

Tattooists working the day are:


Artist Contributing to Online Auction:

Purple Lady by Onnie Leary
Oni #1 by Alex Rusty
Samurai and Dragon by Alex Rusty
Oni #2 by Alex Rusty
Giraffe and Samurai Small Print by Matt Cunnington
Giraffe and Samurai X-Large Print by Matt Cunnington
Hanya Stack by Stu Pagdin
Dragon by Stu Pagdin
Hanya Skate by Stu Pagdin
Dragon by Ryan Ussher
Samurai by Ryan Ussher
Lady Head #1 by Emily Rose Murray
Lady Head #2 by Emily Rose Murray
Many Faces of Hanya by Richie Blackheart
Untitled #1 by Nigel Hinder
Untitled #2 by Nigel Hinder
Untitled #3 by Nigel Hinder
Numbered Collectors Print - Rites of Passage Poster 161/200 by Owen Williams
Numbered/Limited Edition Collectors Print - "Ode to Hokusai" from Hokusai's Children Exhibition 2017 by Tashi GLT
Print by Geordie Cole
Collectors Print by Geordie Cole
Limited Edition by BJ Parks
The Big House by Jake Ellul
Namakubi Set of 4 by Clint Steel
Crane and Peony by Benny Bones
Untitled #1 by Teniele Sadd
Untitled #2 by Teniele Sadd
Limited Edition/Numbered Print - Spider by Teniele Sadd
The Hanged by Pitu Rojas
The Star by Pitu Rojas
The Lamb by Adrian Dominic
Sanctuary by Laura Dominic
Untitled by Josh Roelink
Untitled by Savannah Ray
Untitled by Tuco Los
Untitled by Haron Gomes

Businesses Contributing to Fundraising Raffle:

Brunswick Ballroom - $150 Gift Voucher for any Live Show

Choukette French Bakery - 5 x $10 Gift Vouchers

Etiko - $100 Clothing Gift Voucher

Green Lotus Tattoo - 5 x $100 Tattoo Gift Vouchers

Kara Alexis Tattoo - 5 x $100 Gift Vouchers

Los Amantes - 2 x $100 Food and Beverage Gift Vouchers

Melbourne Art Supplies - $50 Gift Voucher

Stay Gold - Double Pass to any Live Show

Tombo - $100 Antique and Furniture Gift Voucher

Ben Sparks - 1 x T-Shirt

Classic Tattoo - 2 x T-Shirts

Clint Steele - 1 x T-Shirt

LDYCTZ - 1 x T-Shirt

Little Tokyo - 2 x T-Shirts

Onnie O'Leary - 1 x T-Shirt

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