Caring for your new tattoo

Every new tattoo needs proper healing and care, in order to minimise complications and get the best end-result it is important to follow these steps. Every step is important, so be patient and read these instructions carefully.

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April 6, 2023
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Remove the bandage 2-3 hours after getting tattooed, wash your tattoo with clean hands in warm/hot running water with a pump bottle of antibacterial soap. Gently wash away any dried blood or plasma and completely clean the area. Be sure that all secretions and soap residue are rinsed off. After washing the tattoo, lightly pat it dry with a paper towel or a clean towel and let it air dry. Avoid contact with any surfaces.


With clean hands, apply a very THIN layer of Bepanthen cream. Rub the cream in gently, as this will help stimulate the skin and bring blood flow to the area which helps in the healing process. Keep your tattoo moist with cream for most of the time during the healing time.


For small tattoos (where the process took 1 hour or less) or outlines, it is not necessary to re-bandage the area unless told otherwise by your tattoo artist.

For large tattoos (where you had an extensive area shaded in or coloured) re bandage with cling wrap and surgical tae for the first 3 days,  2-3 times a day to give the area a period of time to seal up and prevent airborne bacteria from entering. Re-bandage at night before sleeping and remove the bandage in the morning before your shower. You also might want to re-bandage before going to work if there is a possibility that your fresh tattoo will come into contact with soil, dirt, oil, debris, sand, dust, bacteria, etc.

Depending on the extent and location of the work a fresh tattoo can seep out fluids for up to 24hours. Re-bandaging in this care will protect your clothes and sheets from getting stained. Placing a clean towel on your sheet is another way to prevent stains. Showers twice daily are recommended to keep your tattoo clean during the healing period. But make sure the water does beat directly onto your tattoo.

Avoid saunas, spas, tubs, pools and water sports. Keep your tattoo out of salt water and chlorine until it is fully healed. A tattoo will take from one to two and a half weeks to heal. Do not expose it to direct sunlight until it is healed.

You will need to continue applying cream as mentioned in STEP 2. You will notice a light flaking of the skin which resembles sun-burn peeling. Don't panic as this is normal and doesn't mean you tattoo is falling off! Occasionally a scab will form and any itching that accompanies this is perfectly normal. A thin application of cream will generally ease the itching.


Otherwise it can cause your tattoo to bleed, which could result in pigment loss. Do not shave, wax or exfoliate the area until your tattoo is fully healed. Be sure that any clothing that touches you tattoo is clean. Tight clothing, polyesters and nylons can rub and lead to heavier than normal scabbing of the tattoo. Do not over-exercise that tattoo area and make sure your tattoo is moist before any physical activity.

Once the peeling and flaking process is finished, you will notice the skin over the tattoo is shiny. There may, or may not be, a small area that appears cloudy or white. Do not worry too much about this for now. Within a month or so the tattoo will be settled and it should look great ! That's the best time to take pictures to send to your friends !

IMPORTANT: If you experience any problems with these after-care instructions or mentioned products, please discontinue use and contact the artist. Above all when it comes to tattoo advice to your professional tattoo artist rather than your friends as we are experienced and know what is best for your tattoo/s. Your tattoo has been created by an expert under strict hygienic conditions, please keep it clean and looking great !

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